What frequency can I use in Kenya?

Hi guys,

I’ve checked , but there is no suggested channel plans for Kenya.
Does anyone have the experience of deploying LoRa network in Kenya and which frenquency is suggested to use?
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Hi Brazil!

I’m interested, too. The official documents from the LoRa Alliance say for the national LoRA frequency plan for Kenya is “None”. Documents about the general frequency plans for Kenya look like there is the 433 MHz band only for ISM usage… however, South Africa, doesn’t say ISM usage for the 868 MHz band, too… but still the LoRa Alliance has a frequency plan EU863-870 (among others) for South Africa.

Have you been more successful with your research?

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Hi Basler,

This is the answer we got from LoRa Alliance, and also one of our customer uses our gateway with 868 MHz very well.
Hope this helps.4

Wow! Thank you very much, that is very good news. Now that I checked again, the newest regional parameters include Kenya.

Thank you!

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That’s great, hope your testing goes well:grinning: