What is the status of the TTN Gateway?

(Bsiege) #436

Now the hardware is here, great. What about to deliver the rest? I can see it is working, but it is still a Blackbox with a white lid. Not what i expected to contribute to an open network.

We will open source the design once we are going to ship.

(Pipo2000) #437

I paid the vat about 8 days ago and today, 17th januari, i see that the parcel is released from the warsaw hub and on its way. I also had my vat returned from the thingsnetwork so that part went smooth. I will get back to the forum to let you know when i receive the shipment because it does not say when i can expect the delivery at my door.

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I thought the package was on its way but I misread the skynet info. It states released from customs and sorted for destination. But it has to say “in transit to destination” will it be moving to me. So it is still sitting in the warsaw hub waiting to be transported to the netherlands. Seeing how skynet moves it can take up another two weeks. Great company that skynet. 34 days on its way now and counting.

(Arjan) #439

SkyNet just delivered my Kickstarter pledge to me in the Netherlands. Tuesday afternoon I received an email with an invoice stating €70.35 for tax and customs (goods valued at US$ 405), and a total of €20 for handling, which I paid the same day.

They have not used my telephone number… (And I was happy to be at home early after some meetings were canceled due to a storm here.) Their tracking said I signed, but I did not. Oh well :slight_smile:

In the above image, according to SkyNet UK, it was actually sent to Amsterdam on January 3rd, but Amsterdam claimed they did not have it. Also, the December 19th update only appeared December 22nd. I think we can safely say that the online status is not quite accurate.

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@arjanvanb happy to see that it has arrived. :tada:


My skynet message is that the delivery is still at hub London all ready from 2 january , I have gife them my number, in to the request mail. And my E-mail adress in de get notify below.

Still waiting and couting :frowning_face:


Hongkong Post is still preparing my items for posting… probably means that they have not yet received the stuff yet…

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All packages at the warehouse in Hong Kong have been picked by the various shipping companies earlier in the afternoon (HK time). The issue with the tracking site (whistl) is also fixed. The ones with postal companies (HKPost, Swiss Post, Singapore Post) will have these updates reflected on their portal by evening.

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Sure :cry: No update at Whistle


My shipment from Skynet has not arrived. It has been stuck at the London hub since 2 jan 2018.
After exercising a lots of patience, it was time for me to take some action:

  1. I have sent (17 jan 2018) the following email to: info@skynetworldwide.com

A product is sent from Hong Kong (14 dec 2017) to my address in the Netherlands.
I have received a track & trace number: xxxxxxxxxxx

I have been tracking my shipment and it arrived at the London hub at Jan 2, 2018.
Since then the status remain unchanged.

Could you help me out with this?
_It seems my shipment is stuck at the London hub. _
The company who has sent the product says that I just have to wait…
Are these normal waiting times??

Best regards,

  1. Within 24 hours I got an email response. They also included their internal email responses:

Email 1 Internal (17 jan):
Hi Imports

Please can you confirm if you have this shipment on hold and why if you do

Email 2 Internal (18 jan):

Another one for you I’m afraid.

  1. This is the email response I got from Skynet (18 jan):

The shipment is stuck in UK customs and to get this cleared I will need to submit a UK customs entry and once this is paid we can move on under free circulation. Can you confirm you are ok for me to submit this entry and we will forward a copy of the customs entry and VAT payment? Once paid this will be sent out for delivery.

  1. Here is my response to Skynet (18 jan):


Yes, can you submit a UK customs entry.

_Please note I do not have visa. _
I can make SEPA payments or Paypal payments.


  1. Skynet response (18 jan):

What we will do is send this under bond to the Netherlands to you and our AMS office will contact you directly so you can bypass this payment with us. It seems this could cause further delays with payment so we will arrange this to be cleared slightly different.

  1. My response to Skynet (18 jan):



In case they need my info:
email: XXXX
mobile: XXXXXX

  1. Skynet response (18 jan):

We will arrange this now. You will still need to pay NL customs charges as you are probably aware of but they will contact you once customs cleared.

  1. My response to Skynet (18 jan):


Thanks. I am aware to pay NL custom charges.


  1. Ten hours later I saw movement in the Skynet track and trace:

So, I am now waiting, but at least their is some progress. I will keep you updated.


My package is also still in London but I have no idea how this customs thing works.

(Remko) #447

Laptimes of my delivery competition:

Parcel 1: Shipper Skynet,
Start: December 4th, Location January 19: Wasaw. Travel time: 46 days.
Status: On Hold - Consignee to Pay Charges.
Status is updated twice with the same information(?)
Customs is payed at January 16th.

Parcel 2: Shipper Whistle:
Start: January 10th, Location January 19: Hongkong(?). Travel time: 9 days.
Status: Item Data Received (Since January 10th).

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Goto smoothparcel.com and you will see an update …

(Remko) #449

I got noted about it by @rish. Thanks :+1: . Systemes really get updated well (?).

Well anyway we have to keep laughing. Look at this:
My parcel is expected to be delivered Sunday (?) January 14 on Friday January 19.

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #450

The strange status of “your parcel is expected to be” is there since day 1


As someone in the United States with DHL as the carrier, I’m finding this to be the best DHL tracking address to use: https://dhlecommerce.asia/track/Track?ref=


there is indeed a change of tracking status this evening:
it changed from “preparing for posting” to “posted”. There is some hope…

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No gateways any longer @ element 14.
What will be next?



Available again on 9-7-2018 according to Farnell.
Hopefully all backers have received their gateways by then…