What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


Check for status changes on “Smooth Parcel”.

Mine has changed to say that it has been passed to a local carrier service

(Pipo2000) #457

Backer 93 still waiting for my parcel. Paid the VAT two weeks ago, the staus changed to customs cleared and still nothing here. Shipped december 15th and now januari 22 th still nothing to show for. 37 days and counting.

(Remko) #458

Status change by Smooth parcel here too: “Monday, 22nd Jan, 201810:47: Received by carrier Your Parcel has been passed to for final delivery, you can now track it here(link)” (Link is not working :roll_eyes:)

It seems as if Smooth Parcel is winning from Skynet in my mini competition. Stay tuned for this stunning race!

Update After an urgent mail by @rish to Skynet, I received the confirmation that the money is received and the parcel will send further. it might be a close finish!

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #459

seeing is believing … don’t really trust this smooth parcel tracking system.


I really have the feeling that the whole Skynet process is all manual work. After the e-mail from @rish they were suddenly able to do the customs clearing the same day. Last week I paid the VAT and this morning I sent an e-mail to Skynet if they received it. They told me the payment was not yet on the list. I sent them a screenshot of my wire-transfer and suddenly it was on the list with the note that today it will be forwarded to Amsterdam.

(Remko) #461

Same observations here.

(Remko) #462

So true!


:slight_smile: This topic is like one of those “levertijden” topics on Tweakers (a Dutch tech site). With one big difference, everybody who did not order is also waiting with you and keeping fingers crossed to see the gateways pop up left and right.
Good luck!


Glad to see my stuff moving too…
|20-01-2018 10:09|HONG KONG|Arrived at processing centre|
|22-01-2018 21:36|HONG KONG|Handed over to carrier / Left for destination|


I received my package today… after paying the VAT invoice last Tuesday after intervention by the team of the Things Products… and after waiting for such a long time, I had to try it out today…

And… after all these reports of DOA (Dead On Arrival) gateways, I’m happy to report I got mine active in 3 minutes…

And messages are coming through… from a Marvin node repurposed from kpn to TTN


The shipment is getting closer and closer… :crossed_fingers:


Nice! Look like you are going to set it up in Amsterdam somewhere?

(Remko) #468

@brocaar I noticed in another thread on this forum that you gateway has arrived. :+1:

(Pipo2000) #469

Yes, today after a long wait I received the gateway and the nodes.


Yes, it arrived, finally :slight_smile:

(Remko) #471

Finally Whistle has updated its website. It took these guys 13 days to get in to action. :cry::-1::-1::-1:

Funny to see that the same tracking number have different status in two systems:


(Willem (pe1dlf)) #472

sigh - I noticed the same. not sure to be relieved or very sad … “Your parcel has been collected” collected from where, I still have no clue where it currently is (HK / UK or NL)

(Remko) #473

I contacted Whistle on Twitter and they informed me that the parcel is in Iver UK and it will be delivered in 3 to 5 days. #fingerscrossed

As we just received the item, it is still with us in our depot: Iver, UK

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #474

thanks for sharing.

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #475

Zoals verwacht wordt dit overgedragen aan POSTNL.