What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


Received a nice package today!
All Set up and working - Yay!

To those waiting - hope you get it soon

Awesome - watch the map explode!

Cheers @TTP


Received my parcel today…
Thankyou @TTP


Also got my gw+node+uno+uno. And it’s online (indoors, need to do some ttnmapping later)


Trying to setup my ttn node:
Setup guide states
…Some Micro-USB cables might not fit the limited space between the battery compartment and the casing. Also make sure you use a cable that supports data, not just power. The one we ship with The Things Uno should work. No it does not, the plug is 2 to 3mm too fat!

But:: It was extremely easy to setup all the devices following the quickstart guide. I am very impreesed about the quality of the implementation by the ttn people. Thanks a lot!

(Martijn13) #480

Oh oh wrong adres status…

(Milo) #481

@Martijn13 With me the same but post.nl already has received the notice to deliver (with the correct address). Whistle also still states that it’s fine.

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #482

Great we are in 3 tracking systems with different messages … BTW POST.NL already rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.


Finally my gw+node+uno+uno arrived!

In case people still have problems with their Skynet shipment, this is an update what has happened to me.
On 23 jan I got an email:

Betreft: zending van Floship

Wij zijn een koeriers-bedrijf en wij hebben een zending voor u uit Hong
Van Floship
Inhoud: The Things Uno 868 Mhz
De zending is afkomstig uit een land buiten de EU en daarom zijn er
en BTW verschuldigd voor de douane

bijgevoegd de factuur voor de zending met vrachtbriefnummer:XXXXXXXXX

graag bij betaling het factuur- en Debiteur-nummer vermelden

zodra wij de betaling ontvangen hebben , zal uw zending worden bezorgd

On 23 jan I have made my payment to Skynet Dutch bank account number.
I have paid the following:
Dutch VAT (21%) + Voorschotprovisie 10 euro + Afhandelingskosten 10 euro

Please note the email and invoice ONLY mentioned “The Things Uno 868 Mhz” but the shipment contains gw+node+uno+uno

On 25 jan I have received my shipment. They have NOT contacted me for delivery. Luckily I was home…


In my case the package was ‘stuck’ with SkyNet London and with help from Rish I got contacted, paid SkyNet UK and received it yesterday. I knew it was coming because in the early morning the status went to ‘out for delivery’.

(Milo) #485

Keeps shifting as long as the package is not received by post.nl

(Remko) #486

My Skynet delivery trough Warsaw is still held while I payed my VAT more than a week ago.

(Hylke Visser) #487

Same for mine, @pe1mew. Rish told me he’s calling these Skynet guys several times a day to put more pressure on them. Let’s hope they’ll deliver before Christmas :joy:

(Remko) #488

@htdvisser: Gedeelde smart is halve smart (For those who cannot read the previous text, the public key of this message is “Dutch”)

Rish has done a lot of work to get the progress we have seen so far. Thanks Rish!

Today the most reliable transporter involved in the delivery process of my second parcels has kicked in: Post.nl! They announce to deliver today (!) between 13:15 and 15:45.


How fortunate for me, I am working at home today! Fingers-crossed.! keep you posted.

ps: Skynet is still stuck in Warsaw:


(Willem (pe1dlf)) #489

We gaan het zien vandaag!!!


(Willem (pe1dlf)) #490


oh man… you’re making me nervous to :wink:

(Remko) #492

Same here, counting down …

(Teus) #493

My patience paid off: 10h22, location small village deep in Holand: after
probably a lot of stops elsewhere in the world and many headaches at the backery and backers, delivered by PostNL.
No sign of extra payments seen.
Thanks to all who made me nervous.

(Arjan) #494

So you’re saying you got a Kickstarter delivery without paying any customs duties and VAT?

(Remko) #495

Hurray! The first gateway has arrived!
My wife accepted it at the door and didn’t call me :tired_face: to get it.
Although preasure on project delivery is this afternoon is high, I could not resist activating it.
Activation on wired lan went wrong but over wifi and after disconecting the lan cable and powe cycling the gateway the packets started coming in.
It was worth waiting for.