What is the status of the TTN Gateway?

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #516



Version Info
Hardware: v1
Bootloader: r1-7167873a (2017-06-02T13:48:18Z)
Firmware: v1.0.0-917719b9 (2017-06-26T17:59:33Z)


@rish re: Fedex delivery to me in Boston, USA. The devices were due to be delivered Monday 1/29 and there’s a workshop I’d like to take 'em to on Tuesday, so I would appreciate your providing FedEx with the needed information at your earliest convenience. They say:
"Description provided is insufficient to classify commodity.
"Recommended action:
"Shipper or Importer must provide a more detailed description of goods."
I’m guessing the same may be true for all other FedEx deliveries in the USA.

(Remko) #519

Just to keep you all posted about my minicompetition between my two shippers: Whistle has won from Skynet.

Whistle transported my second parcel from the second batch.
Start at January 10th and delivered at friday January 26. Travel time: 16 days.

Shipper Skynet (Parcel 1) has not delivered. Start: December 4th, Travel time: 53 days.
Actual status: “Out for Delivery since January 26”.


Thanks for your help @Rish; the package has been released through customs in Memphis and should arrive in Boston tomorrow.

(John Hunt) #521

I finally got mine!

I just need 2 min to configure it. Awesome!


Got mine (backer #207) with two uno (which I asked to remove from my pledge).

But I didn’t have to pay VAT ! I’m in France.

(Bdoneux) #523

Can anyone help me ? I received an email (09/01/2018) to give me information to track the shipping of my products.

Order Number : 498.
Shipping Carrier : S-Packet (???)
I received also the tracking number.

Who can give me the URL of the website to use my tracking number ? Not possible to find the website with only “S-Packet” !

We are 31 of january and nothing received !!! (Already 2 years I’m waiting…)

I would like to track the shipping but without the URL of the Shipping Carrier, it’s not possible !

Thanks for your help !



(Martijn13) #525

And again funny,

Today the status changed to “delivered” but there isn’t a package delivered :joy:

(Remko) #526

Today, while I was at the conference, I got an e-mail from my wife to tell me that she accepted a parcel at the door: It was my second gateway! so nice to see that I signed myself.


Totally unexpected but the play came finaly to an end today.

And another flawless activation happend early this evening.

(Dellekom) #527

I got mine about a week ago. I have ordered in November 2017.

(Martijn13) #528

@rish can you see where my gateway is? The website say’s delivered but i don’t get it. PostNL doesn’t no the package.


I’m glad the gateways are popping all around the world. However, I’m a bit sad to have not heard anything about mine.

I filled the questionnaire when asked to do so and since then almost nothing. I reached TheThingsProduct before Christmas, with an indication on Jan 12th I’ve been put on the third batch, expected to ship in the following days. Since then and two reminder, no signal from TheThingsProduct .

It’s some kind of frustrating to see everybody enjoying their devcies. Hopefully, I still have my home made gateways to play with.

(Henk65) #530

Ordered mine on the 5th of May 2016.

Still waiting. :frowning:

(Danb314) #531

My order (UK) was delayed as was missing phone number. Finally, just had a call from Skynet to collect VAT so should be hopefully getting it up and running pretty soon. Thanks to Rish for getting things moving!

(Danb314) #532

Well it arrived and all up and running… at last!

(Smbunn) #533

Ordered on 19th January. My order has said “Processing” ever since. What does this mean? How long will I need to wait before I see a delivery tracking email?
Order #1937




2 years wait is about average.

(Eivind Holt) #535

Web shop order 1861.
I was feeling optimistic seeing you backers receiving yours and activity in this thread slowing down. The last response I got pr. mail was “Pushing for this batch to be shipped out this week. Will keep you posted with the shipping codes in a couple of days.”. That was a month ago. No more replies to mails, no information in the forums.
I understand that people have been waiting 2+ years, I was late and that logistics have been crazy but how much effort would it be to post a quick general status on the forum/mail once a week? I am sure it would have saved a ton of mails from frustrated customers. Transparency in this operation has not been great.

So, how many of you are still waiting for shipping codes, and what are your order numbers?

Meanwhile LoRa devboards are piling up on my desk :disappointed: