What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


I’m in the exact same situation, with a KickStarter order 696…

Last communication on Feb 5th,

and since then no signal.

I’ve asked for additionnal info 2 days ago, but maybe we need to wait for the end of the Chinese New Year.

(Henk65) #545

And still waiting on the order I placed on 05-05-2016. :disappointed:


you’ve got mail Henk65 :thinking:

(Paul G) #547


AFAICT I am a “Backer”. I placed my order on the 26 Apr 2016 (I had an email convo with Wienke about use cases at the time. My payment receipt was WEB-154, for a gateway and two unos.

I’ve read thru most of this thread, and watched on Twitter as more and more ppl delightedly receive their kits. But am now suspecting I have somehow fallen thru the cracks, having recollections of confirming my address on a google sheets some time ago (years?), but nowhere else.

My last TTN communication I have was from 20 oct 2017 from Wienke entitled “Ready to start with mass production” which kicks off with “Dear Backers…”.

Since then, nothing. Not clear whether this request should be placed here or in an email. Please advise.

(Arjan) #548

I’d send an email:

As the Kickstarter ended November 20th 2015, you’re technically not a backer, but a consumer of the webshop I’d guess.

(Paul G) #549

Righto, will do. Thx for replying.