What module with AT-commands connect with TTN?

New to this forum and I really don’t know why it took me so long to get my first topic :slight_smile:

I’m looking to put my first steps onto the TTN but on my own pace.
The first thing is to get a device onto TTN that is controlled by AT-commands or simple UART commands.

I don’t want to implement ready-made sketches or so, just step by step learning.

My questions:

  • Are there (cheap) AT-command controlled devices that can do this?
  • Examples of such modules that can be controlled by any micro-controller?
  • Where can I find the steps to get this module (if exists) working?

Maybe not the best question to start, but I must take a shot at it :slight_smile:

  1. If you want to learn LoRaWAN, buy some arduino-like device and try it to send some bytes (numbers, not strings).

  2. AT commands and UART why?

I have a local LORA device sensor that is not WAN, so this is not a big problem. The data is send locally.
But I want to make a sensor (by myself), not using Arduino, just by using the UART.

Why LORA-WAN? Because now I use MQTT to send data to a server to monitor a sensor. This needs WIFI and that consumes a lot of power.
If I can use TTN, then I can make a low power device.

Sorry I don’t get the question. To my understanding you don’t ask about TTN but about sensors.

Most sensors have SPI or I2C or analog or digital connection interface not UART. Traditionally (I don’t like that) most GPS ‘sensors’ are UART.

Look at the Lora-E5 or RAK3172. And there are many other solutions, searching the net should let you find them.

Thank you Kersing!

I just want to get a module that sends data to TTN via LORA-WAN.
But I can’t find a way to determine which module can reach TTN AND has a UART, AT command interface.

I will look into the proposed modules.

nothing too simple for just at comands but very easy of use are aruino mkr1310 wan, you can make a list of comads for work with uart

The E5 and corresponding module and github FW from Seeed support an AT interface. The firmware in the STM32WL has a couple of examples of firmware examples with AT command support (FreeRTOS and “bare metal”). These can be flashed to a WL55JC Nucleo board. I’ve been able to adapt the WL55JC code to run on WLE5 modules such as the Olimex with some effort.

There are multiple reasons why you would want an AT firmware:

  • You can add an AT module to your prototype design and control it over UART from a simple Arduino project without digging deeply into the LoRa and module reference manuals.
  • It provides a convenient pre-canned command layer that is very cheap to run on a microprocessor. The parsing is simple and can be supported on an LPUART in low-power modes consuming nano-amps.
  • Other developers, say less software technical folks like EE and operations, can provision devices overriding device parameters and querying NVM.

There are plenty of cons, but as a quick and dirty solution that you can get up and running quickly with existing code, it’s pretty good.

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I’ve ordered a Grove - LoRa-E5 board.
There are indeed a lot of pros, but also different cons.

1- I need to find out how to get the module working with the AT-commands. So I need to find the different commands out a 58 pages counting datasheet :slight_smile:
2- I can not have the module working like with a GIT or Arduino sketch
3- For me a pro is that I learn a lot working with the modules. This is a bit more a hassle and a challenge, but I like this more then just copy/past code and start using it.

If someone know what commands I need to issue in what order to send things to TTN. Please share :slight_smile:

The Seeed Wiki provides an Arduino sketch & how-to screen shots on setup on TTN .,.

Can you clarify your issue here?

For AT Command module, I am currently testing ASR6601. It is as easy as Maxiiot DL7612. Many manufacturers include ASR6601 into their own modules.

You might try AI-Thinker 08-H module for example Elecrow Crowtel LoRa RA-08H.


Thank you Somsak.

I’ve bought a Lora-E5 module from Seeedstudio, but found out there isn’t coverage for the TTN in my neighbourhood.

So need to figure this out first before buying other types.
But, please keep the suggestions coming!


Really? The coverage you have in mind comes from other people buying gateways and paying for the running of it. “Expecting” coverage feels rather rude to me.