Whats the best way to represent data?

I am a beekeeper and I want to put some simple sensors in hives. Temperature a couple times a day and maybe a rudimentary tipping alarm.

Is there an easy way to get this out? My TTN sensor at this moment is the TTN-UNO and it’s just sitting on the bench sending DHT22 data out. I made the application in V2 and also V3. Oddly the first couple days I saw the data in both places, now only in V3. I figure I should stick to V3 and get it running there so that’s alright.

I have setup a Pi Gateway, it’s registered in V2 not V3, it also runs NodeRed. I have used NodeRed before to plot sensor data these were WiFI sensors I built and I used MQTT. It was pretty straightforward to setup. With TTN I setup the MQTT as I read it in the documentation and I do get the data in and I see the temperature, but following the example in the documentation isn’t getting me to a point where I can interpret the incoming messages to make a graph of the data.

Having it on my local Pi might not be the best choice either. Thats just how I have done things before, but I am sure there are better ways. How do you guys get your sensor data out so you can plot graphs and see the history,

What is the barrier to processing the payloads as they arrive in MQTT?

If it was all on V2 you could connect to myDevices / Cayenne and get it to do graphs automagically.

You can connect V2 to Node-Red using MQTT.

I don’t think there is any barrier except my own knowledge level. I get the message on the Pi. It iscludes a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t need for the graph and the payload data in the following form.


I just don’t understand how to translate this into a graph. I have # in there for topic, so that probably why there soo much more coming in than just the two measurements I want to graph.

What can you code in?

I can’t code… I mean I have done a few courses in C++. I can get anything running that I have ever tried to on an arduino or esp32 using the arduino IDE and libraries but can you concider that coding? Moslty temperature and humidity sensors displays leds simple stuff, but to be honest that I all really need to get working up to now.