When adding a device as OTAA can I have the console generate all IDs

Hi everyone,

When adding a new device as OTAA can I have the console auto-generate all IDs? I am using LMIC library and hardware. I did read the guides where it says that Application EUI and App Key can be left to be auto-generated by the console HOWEVER it isn’t clear to me whether Device EUI can also be left as auto-generate or one must extract the hardware ID from the board and use it as Device EUI?

I would much rather have the console auto-generate my Device EUI if that would work?

Thank you

You can have the console auto generate a deveui as well. Keep in mind you will need to copy it to the device.
BTW, if your device has a hardware EUI it is preferable to use that as TTN generated EUIs are not unlimited available.


@kersing awesome, thank you for the quick reply!

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