When ADR is set to 1, SF defaults to SF12!

Hi all,
I’m working with lorawan protocol…my node is enabled with ADR (i.e. ADR is set to 1) but still, I see is SF12 while my node is nearer to the gateway. I expect SF to drop to SF7. Is there any idea about this issue!

  • what type of node, diy or manufactured
  • what code or firmware
  • how many packets did you send
  • what is the distance between GW and node
  • what type of gateway

1/ Dragino LoRaWAN node (Model : LSN50 & I’m using 17 nodes) and Gateway : Dragino Multichannel LoRaWAN gateway (Model : LG308)
2/ I’m not aware of this queation, but in my understanding i’m using keil software for LoRaWAN firmware developing.
3/ 10 bytes of packet for every 10 mins per day
4/ 300 meters (Line Of Sight in rural area)

Also i have observed that these data’s transmission airtime (ms) is 1482.8. This is not advisable i think so.

it will drain your node battery faster too.
if your nodes are that close to the gateway, can’t you just set that LSN50 (17 x) to SF7 and switch adr off ? haven’t searched for a manual but I’m sure you have it

Yes! but there is a chance to move the nodes So that i preferred to use ADR & the nodes are fixed with solar panel for battery charging. I’m using IN865 & the frequencies (Hz) are,

Is there any way to use ADR with correct update?