Where do I find the TagoIO integration

Have never used TagoIO before and went to add the integration (v2) but it’s not in my list of available integrations. Was it ever there? Has it been removed permanently or is there a temporary glitch?

This is what I see


We were also wondering what happened :thinking:
All data coming from the sensors to TagoIO is still going through tough.
Waiting for TTN team to add the TagoIO option back.

Ah, it was there in the past then. That’s good! Perhaps it just needs a few key presses to resurrect it! Hope so :slight_smile:


Fixed! (Thanks to TTN operations responding to the report on slack)

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Fabulous stuff. Thanks :slight_smile:

hi, i cant find TagoIO in the thing network also, what i must to do?

In you Application Console - Integrations (Left hand side) - Webhooks - Add new - Scroll down for TagoIO

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