Where LoRaWAN gateway send data to TTN

Hi there, I am wondering when data send to a LoRaWAN gateway and configured to send to TTN, where does it send to? Is there a URL by default it will send to?

Just wondering is there a way to make sure only TTN traffic should go through? Thanks.

No, only legit lorawan packets will go through and in the TTN backend it’s decided if it is a TTN packet and where to send it ect.
Gateways are dumb receivers So they can’t filter.

Thank you for your quick response. Does this mean a “Whitelist” endpoints on a 4G network will never work then? Thanks.

No that never works imho

Thank you very much.

Seems like some mixups of very distinct things here.

The address of the TTN server that a gateway should connect to will vary a bit by region but is fixed regardless of the traffic being carried. This will typically be found in the gateway’s configuration files or UI.

Gateways don’t typically do “deep packet inspection” before forwarding LoRaWAN packets, both because it is not conceptually their job, and because generally the radio airtime on the LoRa side is considered expensive and that on the Internet backhaul cheap. That said, ordinary packets contain a cleartext device address and those are theoretically allocated by network, so if no one has an atypical address it might be possible to filter on those. Getting this wrong would really make a mess (OTAA join would also need some care), so it’s really not something to spend any time thinking about unless or until you are finding a gateway to be consuming an expensive amount of backhaul capacity uselessly backhauling traffic that appears to be leaking over from some other network.

What you should think about is not to put a gateway in a hard-to-access location without a way to remotely administer it and change its software.

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