Which Frequency is used?

I have integrated a LoRa node via a gateway and LoRa telegrams arrive successfully in the cloud.
Is it possible to see which frequency was used by the LoRa node to send the LoRa telegram?

That info - along with other valuable RF data - is contained in the message metadata - click on any message in the console and you will see which GW’s handled the message, the channel used, SF, RSSI & SNR data etc.

Hi Jeff,

in the live data of a device in application i have found nothing. Do you mean in the Live Data of the Gateway? There i have found this:

Is channel_index the channel? But how i came to the frequency? Do i use this site:
Frequency Plans | The Things Network
And so channel 2 is 868.2 MHz?

what about line 41 “frequency”?


Or indeed, an incredibly similar JSON structure for the device data.

And then there are the docs as well …

Oh no, I missed it.