Which is the Best Lora Gateway

Hello all,
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I have to purchase one of the LoRa Gateway for Industrial purpose(for frequency of INDIA i.e. 865-867Mhz).
Can you please tell me which is the Best LoRa Gateway for me ?
Any help ll be appriciated.
Thank You.

not easy to answer with no description of the use case.

  • indoor/outdoor
  • backhaul type
  • private or public LoRaWAN network
  • number of devices
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Hello Sir,
Thank You for the Reply.
My need is

  1. Indoor & outdoor both.
  2. Private LoRaWAN Network
  3. 1000 number of devices
    Any help will be appriciated.

Whats the dutycyle of the nodes?
How much data for each send?

Which area do you want to cover?

That would make your question off topic here, as this is the TTN forum.

At least to any degree which your target of a private network changes the decision vs. what someone would want for use with TTN.

Realistically, if you are doing a commercial deployment, you want to evaluate what is on the market and decide what you like/dislike. We didn’t find anything that offered the features we wanted so ended up making our own motherboard to host an embedded computer module and LoRa concentrator and LTE cards.

If you are just starting out, buy any actual gateway (ie with an SX1301 or SX1308 chip) for which you can recompile the packet forwarder from source, and gain some experience - there is a lot to learn before your actual needs will become clear.