Which LoRa chips are on the market?

Hello, I wonder how many different LoRa chips are available on the market.

Aparently Semtech has sx1272/3 and sx1276/7/8/9. I noticed mdot and xdot are using sx1272. arduino lora gps shield uses sx1276. How about RN2483? Does Microchip has their own LoRa chip?

Many thanks.

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Semtech are the only company making LoRa chips.

There are also SX1261, SX1262, SX1268, SX1280, SX1281 and probably others too.

Does this mean that all the companies use the Semtech chip and integrate it in their own design, e.g., by using different MCUs?

The physical layer of the LoRa protocol is proprietary, so everyone uses Semtech chips.