Which outdoor Gateway use for industrial application?


there are many LoRaWAN Gateways on the market and i want to use an outdoor Gateway (i assume i need 20 - 30 pcs) for an industrial application with about 300 nodes. The Gateway should work reliable and of course, it should be as cheap as possible.

Can someone give me a recommendation?

Hi @ledi007, I recommend that you prepare a list of requirements.

For outdoor industrial use you need to think about a number of matters:

  • Antenna choice and integration to minimise transmission-line loss.
  • Mechanical integration onto poles, masts, etc.
  • Electrical integration and cabling.
  • Backhaul to Internet integration.
  • Remote operating, engineering and firmware updating over the Internet.

As this is the TTN forum the TTI TTOG should be on your list. I use LORIXone outdoor gateways and can confirm that they work very well with both TTN and TTI v3. I know of other people using Kerlinks and DiY-build systems (mostly RPi & IMST ic880a).

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Please may I add another important matter for industrial systems.

  • Is geo-location of devices based on TDoA required? This is only supported by some gateways.