Which TTNv3 cluster do I use in AS923 LoRaWAN regions(e.g. Japan)

Right now, I can register devices and gateways on the North America 1 and Europe 1 clusters. All good there. However, there is no TTNv3 cluster for Japan or Asian countries operating on LoRaWAN AS923 frequencies. How do I register a gateway and device on AS923 frequencies?

Screen shot showing the 3 TTNv3 clusters(Europe 1, North America 1 and Australia 1. Nothing for Asia)

You are being a bit obtuse here - there are no clusters in Japan or Asian countries at all for any frequency - it’s not an AS923 specific detail so you aren’t overlooking anything.

You can register anything on anything but I’m told that there are some benefits in consolidating your regional specific devices in to one application.

So you can pick a console which is nearest to you so you get the best response when operating it and register your device on there for anything you can select in the drop down menu.

Gateway’s should be connected to the nearest cluster to minimise latency. So my test 915 TTIG talks to the EU cluster but is currently setup for AU915.

I’d anticipate that you are hoping to figure out how to get coverage for a balloon - the last floater observed on TTN was set to 30 seconds uplink which didn’t go down well (neither did the balloon!). Just say’n

Thanks Nick.

I have discovered that I cannot register a device on a cluster for one region(e.g. Europe 1) and and receive packets via gateways registered on another cluster(e.g. North America 1). Nothing appears on either console. Therefore, I cannot register a device on an existing cluster(e.g. Europe 1) and hope to receive packets via gateways in Japan which are registered in an unknown(ttnv2?) cluster.

Am I right to say that this setup works with LoRaWAN end nodes transmitting on AU915 frequencies? I will try to replicate it.


Plan at the moment is to alternate transmissions with the Helium network. So I can still pack in loads of transmissions, but still keep the transmissions meant for The Things Network under 30 seconds per day airtime.

Nick, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I can now get it to work in different regions, even when device/gateways were registered in a cluster located in another region(e.g. Europe 1, North America 1 etc). The issue was I was testing with an actual TTIG gateway that was yet to be updated to work on TTNv3.

Many thanks again

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