Whisper Node and RFM95 DIOs

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I just tryed the lmic example ttn-abp.
Still no luck…

Any help please?

Thanks in advance

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I checked lmic radio type and its set to sx1276 so that should be ok.
I tryed both msb and lsb format in the keys.
But i still didn’t get any msg in the console.
I runned out of ideas…
Any sugestions?

Thanks in advance

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Hi again,

I managed to get some msg in OTAA but nothing in ABP.
Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance


you think other members can help you with the information you supplied ?

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You told be i shoudn’t post my code so i don’t know what else i can do…
Thanks in advance.



No I didn’t :sunglasses:

But if you need to post code to explain your problem (if its 'borrowed code then we prefer a github link) please follow this

so the forum is readable from a phone …

Thanks in advance. :rofl:

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The pins im using are:

// Pin mapping
const lmic_pinmap lmic_pins = {
.nss = 10,
.rst = 7,
.dio = {2, A2, LMIC_UNUSED_PIN},

and im using lmic abd example.
I think i have tryed avery combination of keys format (the mbr… ) whats the right format for the NWKSKEY[16], APPSKEY[16] and u4_t DEVADDR?

Another question i have, is i want to get more information about how to transmit and receive ttn packages in a node.
Is it any place to get started?
Thanks in advance

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Have the whole sketch and library links?