Who can delete Gateways in deleted accounts?

Same Problem like this:

I have deleted my account and didn’t know that you have to remove all gateways before.
Den im Thread angegebenen User gibt es scheinbar nicht mehr.

Would be grateful for help.

Btw. the communitiy guidelines from the yellow box gives a 404.

You have deleted your account.
And now you want to use the same gateway on your new TTN account ?

You can re register the gateway again, but with a different Gateway EUI

I choose the Option “I’m using the legacy packet forwarder” and then the EUI is the hardcoded from the gateway?!

Not typically really hardcoded, but set as “gateway_ID” in the local_conf.json file on the gateway, or via some gateway-specific configuration system or UI

It is a ttn indoor gateway (the new cheap one). I will look if it is possible to change the EUI.
Thx you all.

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Did you found a solution to this issue?

With the inroduction of V3 last year and the end of V2 the world has changed quite a bit.
It seems to me that because V2 was terminated the claim in V2 is also. I suggest to try it again in V3.

Thats right, with the change last year i added my gateway new on this stage. Everything works fine and i can mange it again.

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