Why does this problem appear too early?

Hello, please ask a question, in Class C mode, TTN(NS) sends data too early(NS displays an error message: Failed to transmit downlink Downlink transmission failed with result Too EARLY), resulting in packet loss problems. Why? Thank you!

Everyone, please analyze the cause of the problem and give a solution. Very grateful.

See gateway settings > lorawan options > schedule any time delay

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Can you tell me more about that? What is said here is a bit difficult to understand, and I hope what can be said makes me understand better. I also have a choice of the content of the pictures you show.

Can you find the Gateway settings > Lorawan Options > Schedule any time delay setting in the TTN UI?

Try different values, you can choose bigger or smaller delays to adjust the Internet packet time from network to gateway. Would try a larger value.

Thank you!I ask one more question, when I use ClassC mode, after successfully joining the gateway, the data sent from TTTN cannot be received (the gateway normally receives data from TTN), and the device needs to send a piece of data before it can receive The Class C mode can be received normally. Why?

After join an uplink packet is usually needed to confirm that the join accept has been recieved and the session keys are correct.

How should I know first that my device exited the gateway. For example, the gateway is out of power, or the gateway is malfunctioning.
What I know now is that I can send an AT command LinkCheck message to determine the status of the network connection, but I want to know it first.

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I had exactly the same message.

(Failed to transmit downlink Downlink transmission failed with result Too EARLY)
I got even 4 messages always in the same seconds after a telegram.

Since I assumed that there is no error in the application I looked at the default Lora settings in the OS of my MikroTik LR8 gateway and found something there that contributes to the error.
In the server settings 8 servers from TTN and TTI were entered.
After I removed all but “eu1.cloud.thethings.network” the error messages disappeared.
Maybe this will help those who are looking for the error here.
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