Why is there only one gateway in my packet? rx_metadata

was there a change in TTN Stack?
I see only one gateway in rx_metadata.
Last week all gateways which received the packet were shown in the packet.

How are you sure that your packet was actually received by more than that one gateway? If it shows just one gateway, then it was only heard by one gateway… I didn’t see anything in the v3.30 changelog about reducing the listed gateways to just one.

Because i have two gateways on my desk.
The funny thing is, that i now get my two gateways with my adeunis.
Very strange. I will investigate.

One of the GW’s might have been transmitting at the time of the uplink and therefore deaf to the packet. Also get seperation between them (horizontal and vertical (wrt Ant placement), not as critical as node to GW as not messaging each other (TTN Isnt Helium!) but worth doing. I often have several in same room/adjacent rooms when configuring/testing, but still try to keep them apart. Also is node on same desk? In which case all far to close to each other. Also which packet forwarder are you running on the GW’s? You dont mention GW type/make. Are they on same network and backhaul?

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