WiFi MAC Address Filtering works for some TTIGs but not for others

I bougth 7 TTN indoor EU868 indoor gateways.
3 with MAC App starting CC work fine and connect with my WIFI router! 4 starting with MAC App 2E will not connect to my WIFI router. The indoor gateway stays blinking green. Are there persons how also had this problem and how to manage this problem.
The gateway was well connected with his EUI code to the ttn network.


It’s not quite clear to me what exactly you’re seeing. (How do you know it’s a WiFi issue?) But we’ve seen the manufacturer/factory/distributor forget to register devices before:

Given the relationship with MAC addresses, maybe they forgot another batch, @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 ?

So, please send him a private message with the MAC addresses and refer to this topic? (Weekend has started hours ago in Amsterdam, so it may take some time.)

By MAC App do you mean MAC Address? as used to derive the EUI used for registration?

If so are you sure you have correct info for Reg… all the EU868 TTIG’s I’ve seen typically start with EUI-58(a0)xxxxx… As Arjan mentions some batches may get missed and need to be Registerd in the system

Better yet, check yourself:

(Or post your gateway ID here if you need help with curl.)

I use a MAC address filter in my router and all the MAC APP address gateways starting with CC:… work fine only 4 that start with MAC APP address 3E:… do not give a connection to the TTN netwerk and the green led stays blinking. I will ask the vendor RS-components for help with this problem!

Thanks for your help / reply.

Registartion in the TTN console with these EUI-58A) …worked fine only the WIFI connection with my router that uses MAC address filtering give problems with 4 out of 7 TTN gateways EU868TTIG.

Those how start with MACC APP address CC:… work fine and the others with 2C:… give the error.

I will contact the sulpier RS-components for help.

Thanks greetings Frans

He Frans, I have also both version (other starting mac address) the latest is starting with 2E. but no problem here to connect my WiFi.
Maybe a test for you to connect once with your phone as hotspot, then you now for shore it works or not.

Thanks, this i will try. The gateways are made in the ttn console. I let you know i f its works.

Greetings Frans

This solves not the problem these 4 indoor gateways that stay blinking fast green won’t connect to the ttn network eu. I think i sent them back to the supplier RS-components to change them for other ones with MAC APP addresses starting with CC:… these work fine!


So, if things still don’t work when using a mobile phone as a hotspot (without MAC filtering) rather than your WiFi router (that is doing MAC filtering), then the problem cannot be that filtering? Why do you think it’s due to that filtering? What does the WiFi router report? Why would a WiFi client (the TTIG) be causing problems with such filtering?

(Or maybe those 4 have not been provisioned after all, like I suggested in my earlier responses that I deleted when you didn’t respond to that? I’ve undeleted those now.)

I think these 4 are not provisoned.
How can you solve this?

You think, or did you validate? Also, the answer is in my first post.