Wifi on the LPS8 Gateway not working

Hi everyone!
I purchased the LPS8 gateway back in February and it worked great for the college project that I was working on. When the semester ended in May I moved back home and only recently have I started it back up again.

The biggest problem that I am having now is that I cannot connect to the gateway’s portal as the wifi is not showing up. I have also tried hardwiring it with an ethernet cable and it still will not appear. Because of this I cannot access the dragino LoRaWAN portal so that I can get the device EUI to be able to link it up to The Things Stack and use my sensors…

Any help would be much appreciated. I have pressed the reset button on the gateway and that did not work either!


I would recommend the use of a network-cable and the fall-back IP of the LPS8. Look into the manual chapter 10.3.