Wireless communication tool deployment

Hello, my name is Nori. I live in Japan.
I’m new on LoRa and IoT device development.

Currently I’ve been evaluating a water level detection device for rice fields.
That is our 2nd sample. In this sample I implemented 2 new technologies, one
for ultrasonic sensor and another for LoRa.

Now both work good as I expected. But I had same problems for LoRa
gateway and end node deployment. I’m completely new about wireless communication.
I didn’t have any knowledge about orientation of antenna, and interference by
the obstacles between the devices, and so on … So it might be so called “deployment
issue” Also I don’t have any professional tools to observe wireless communication.
So I spent long time and struggled … got tired …

I expect you have many experts in Europe on these issues, or you may have knowledge.
If you have any knowledge or know specific person who can provide such knowledge,
please let me know.

I also want o know how European people solve such issues, wireless communication
issue and device deployment issue. I can see people seems to be experimenting,
measuring or doing something for wireless communication condition, like this

Hi Nori,

well, you 'strugled but finally got it working ! great :sunglasses:
Your own design LoRaWAN rice field waterlevel detector.

maybe you can show us some pictures and tell us about how it all works ?

Hi, BoRRoZ,

Thank you for your reply.
Here is a picture of my device.

First, I used steel poles. But I realized they are not good for wireless communication.
And I changed to wood pole, actually it bamboo pole.

Thank you,

what I don’t see is an antenna , free, on top of the pole.

check this article for some more ideas


Thank you for your reply and additional information.
Here is another photo of inside of the box.
Antenna seems to be too small? Length of the antenna
seems to be about 3.5 cm.

I use Dragino LoRa Mini Dev.

No I didn’t say its to small, I said I didn’t see it on top outside of your box instead of inside.
But … if it works it works.:wink:

How do you adjust this setup… I mean, you put the stick in the ricefield, and then, it measures a distance to the water surface.
Do you calculate before transmitting if the level is good/bad, or do you transmit every measurement to the network.

I checked on the bench and put it in the rice field. I don’t use every measurement.
Every 30 minutes it gets 5 measurements and eliminate the biggest and smallest
and average the rest 3 measurements.

How do I know wireless communication strength is strong enough? RSSI? I’ve never
used the value. But I know the value appears as traffic data. Another value or index I
shall check? Do you have good tools with reasonable price?

I don’t know the distance between your sensor and the gateway, but in general , if you mount the antenna higher (longer pole) or use a directional antenna you can increase the reach of your sensor.
If you have a good reception now (in all weather conditions) you don’t have toi change anything.
You can check RSSI / SNR values in your TTN console.

As a tool you can use TTN mapper, to map the area that you want to meassure for example.

RF test equipment is normally very expensive.
These are two cheaper hobbyist antenna testtools.



Thanks!! That’s what I need.
How about Anritsu measurement devices?

Developper portal has a section named “HOW DO I TEST LoRa?”,
and this site recommends Anritsu tools and information as follows.

sure… if you can can afford it, why not. :sunglasses:


Thank you for your information. I really appreciate it. In Japan
when I book a question to our Japanese Forum, nobody respond …
strange …

By the way you mentioned if we use directional antenna we can
get better communication. What is the directional antenna. I’m
very sorry I’m new on wireless communication.

You guys, Tthe Things Network, are sponsored by Anrittsu?
What kind of relation between TTN and Anritsu.

As you know Anritus is Japanese company. TTN Japan should
have a good relation and get techniques for wireless communication.

Anritsu Europe works for you?

That is a very strange question, the answer is NO and not related to your topic start question, CHEAP RF tools.
The LoRa developper portal is also NOT owned by TTN but is from Semtech.

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This is another issue. I’ll raise it soon.

Thank you,

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