Wiring Generic Node Sensor Edition to STLINKv3


I had troubles finding how to wire the Generic Node Sensor Edition to the STLINKv3 so here is a picture of it! Hope this can help others.


Thanks @cndrxn for the help :wink:


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Thank you @luisomoreau for sharing this with us.

I wish a very happy and a fruitful new year to you and everyone else in the community. :christmas_tree:

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Glad you got it to work.

But a listing of the connections between pin names and numbers on each is going to be a lot easier for others to follow, with the picture just to give a sense of it rather than be the actual documentation.


Hello @cslorabox,

That is very true, I actually did not think it was needed to list the connections since this is already in the documentation: Programming Software | Generic Node.


Apparently the real problem was finding that documentation. :wink:

To pimp up the thread with more images, here’s how I connected my STLINK-V3MINI (expand to show image). The list with connections will still be more useful though.

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