Wirnet iBTS Compact 4G issue

(Fady) #1


I have a Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Gateway and I am looking forward to have it up and running to forward some packets, I have made the initial setup including remote access, Firmware update, FPGA update and installing the appropriate Packet forwarder from Kerlink Wiki. In particular, I would like to use the GPRS/3G/LTE modem for connection to the back-end server. According to wiki, I have tuned few parameters under /etc/network/ofono/provisioning file mainly APN, MNC and MCC of our USIM operator ( username and password are empty). Even though, when we have perfomed gsmdiag an error message arise for APN error:
Error, no APN configured for this modem
Kindly note that we are running a MC7304 as a modem model and i suspect it’s a bug and we have to make an update for GSM firmware. However, there is no GSM firmware related to this model in Kerlink wiki.
Appreciate your assistance.

(Avinashdara) #2


I have query regarding GNSS/LTE combo antenna used in lora kerlink gateway.
Can anyone give some insights/information on type or manufacturer of the rectangular shape GNSS LTE combo antenna used in kerlink gateway?

Thanks in advance

(Adamhunter) #3

Hi Fady,

After making changes to the ofono provisioning file you have to reset the telephony daemon by doing the following:

cd /etc/init.d/
./ofono reset

After doing that the new APN details should be used to connect.