Wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning

I am using a Multitech LoRa gateway mtcdt 247a.
Actually i have wanted to connect the gateway with my home Wifi AP
Here when I use
iwlist wlan0 scan

it comes with
wlan0 Interface doesn’t support scanning.

Even in Multitech gateway Application Enablement Platform, I have tried to get access to connect Wifi using Wifi as WAN. There also no Available Wi-fi Networks showing.

Please help me with the same.

Have you tried the MultiTech forum? The people over there probably know the details.
BTW, it helps if you provide information on the firmware version when asking questions.

Thank you @kersing for responding.

I have Tried with MultiTech forum to raise a query. But there is a problem with Registering a new profile . As well I have checked with the queries related to the same inside MultiTech forum, but there I didn’t got the exact I was looking for.

The Firmware version is 5.2.1

Hey, @kersing
Problem was sorted.
Upgraded the module. All working fine. Am very happy Thanks for the understandings. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now you can close the ticket

@somtracko, this isn’t a support system, this is a community forum run by volunteers - it would be super useful & very appropriate if you detailed what you mean by “upgraded the module” so others can benefit from your experience.

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The thing is the MultiTech conduit is previously running with outdated version (5.2.0). So there I was not getting wlan0 while doing ifconfig.

If any one facing the same problem, once check with MultiTech downlopad page. Get the updated firmware version downloaded.
Opening ‘Multitech Application Enablement platform’ by Login with gateway id pswd.

Post login , go to Administration > Firmware upgrade > Choose Firmware Upgrade File.
Dump the Downloaded Firmware.
Then click on ‘Start upgrade’.
Wait for 10 minutes.
After the process the Firmware version will be shown in the Top of the page.

Now check with ‘ifconfig’ . Now wlan0 would be present inside.

Thank you.

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