Working MQTT Bridge configuration for Homeassistant

Hi Everyone,

I am desperately trying to get my Homeassistant MQTT Broker to establish a bridge to my application using an encrypted communication.

My configuration page in the MQTT Add on is set as follows:

Certificate File
ca.pem (downloaded into ssl folder from [minimal certificate list] )(

active: true
folder: mosquitto
require_certificate: true

And my current bridge config looks as follows:

connection vicky
    bridge_protocol_version mqttv311
    cleansession true
    remote_username -User-
    remote_password -Password-
    try_private true
    allow_anonymous false
    topic # both 0 "" ""

But with this the connection isn’t being established.
Any help is very welcome :slight_smile:


i have never used homeassistant but what i can see here looks to me like your topic is incorrect

i use as topic v3/+/devices/+/up

the + is the wild card so you get all the devices up links in the application