Zabbix Integration

Is anyone aware of any form of intergration with Zabbix ( I would like the payloads to be sent from TTN to Zabbix where i can monitor and trigger alerts based on that data.

Zabbix does have a HTTP agent i could potentially use (i think) but wanted to see what anyones thoughts were on A. if this is possible and B. what those steps might look like.

Link to the HTTP agent in Zabbix.

My personal Zabbix experience is quite old.
HTTP can be a working option nevertheless i personal would prefer mqtt as monitoring protocol.

An argument for data gathering with http is it will work without a proxy solution.
All sorts of API documentation is written down here:

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Zabbix HTTP appears to “pull” whereas the TTN is push.

You may be able to pull from the Data Storage integration but MQTT as suggested should be much simpler.

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So would the MQTT agent be sat on the the Zabbix server listening for push payloads from TTN?

Yes, but MQTT uses the terminology client - server. TTN provides a MQTT server that an MQTT client (on your desktop, in your own custom code or via a facility like on Zabbix) will then connect to - they maintain contact so that the server can send updates as they happen.

Thank you, that helps me to understand.

Just one last question, when you say TTN provide a MQTT server. I can’t see any reference to this, or is this simple the HTTP integration?


I had already found that, i’m guessing i don’t have to specifically say that the application is for a MQTT server and that is it by default?

thanks for your help.

Sorry, I don’t understand what this means. It’s an MQTT server which you can subscribe to topics on.

When i go to create a new application in the console, i can’t choose a specific type of application such as a MQTT server.

Is that because when you create an application it has the MQTT protocol as standard and you just interface with it that way?

There are no setup instructions because MQTT comes built in - nothing to do apart from get an authentication key.

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