Zane ZTag Configuration

Ordered and received one of these trackers for agricultural use, but I haven’t been able to get it configured. It seemed to respond to a magnet at first by flashing two red LEDs, but did not create the expected WiFi access point. Then the LEDs stopped flashing and it no longer responds to a magnet, even after sitting in the sun for a few hours.

Anyone else had any experience with these?


and you didn’t get a manual ?

The instructions are available on the Zane website. They state to place a magnet on the tag to activate the WiFi interface for device configuration. The tag does not have a physical USB connection for charging or configuration. I’ve sent Zane a note requesting guidance, but they have not responded yet.

ah ok, with a magnet you probably switch on the build in wifi access point… then you log in with a phone/laptop on that webpage to fill in credentials (just guessing)

Correct. Unfortunately, that isn’t working for me. I was looking for someone who might have the same device to compare notes.

For anyone interested, I was able to activate the WiFi configuration interface. Apparently the internal battery was quite low. After a day of direct sunlight, it was charged sufficiently.

you should place it 3-4 days in full sun. below 30 % or so, wifi cannot be activated because of energy consumption!

its not a bug, but an undocumented feature :frowning:

regards from Berlin


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What’s your precise usecase? Where are you located?

Mine is sending a gps paket every hr. Battery capacity really depends on direct daily sunlight exposure; otherwise battery goes down. Not tested in winter yet.

We have a ranch in North Dakota, USA. We are testing different ways of tracking a large number of cattle.

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ok. so try a few only @first! I am not sure if construction is really sufficient for winter daylight… or the cattles are not outside in winter… sorry i have no idea about farming in North Dakota.

If you have any questions about this device, send me a PM , pls.

Yes, that is something we are interested in learning. The temperature can get quite low (-30c) overnight, and it’s not unusual for it to be cloudy for several days running.

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Hey, wrldtvlr please check out for a LoRaWAN battery powered tracker.


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