LoRaWAN is a long range radio frequency protocol that allows things to connect to the internet over a long range with low power consumption.

The Things Products offers a unique set of LoRWAN based hardware devices. With the gateway and development boards, getting started with the technology is super easy and efficient. Read along to know how you can set up your IoT prototype in a day.

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Build your own network in 5 minutes

The main building block of the network. Compact in size and easy to install. With the 3 step process you can get up and running with the network in less than 5 minutes. Whats more is that the gateway can be connected to either an enternet port or a WiFi connection.

Have a look at the resources to start with The Things Gateway at your end or if you need insipiration on what to do after connecting the gateway read along.

Build a prototype in 60 minutes

The Things Node is an ideal prototyping device for building your prototype in an hour. A matchbox full of sensors, a light and a button. Show off, or just connect this bunch of sensors to your IFTTT account - it is up to you. It is perfect for the prototyping of use cases without the need for programming skills.

Build your proof of concept in 1 day

Whether you are a developer or someone fairly new to the world of IoT and LoRaWAN, building your proof of concept is possible within a day. It is quite an important step towards realizing your solution in the market as it allows you to validate the design and check for issues without having large scale consequences.

Where to buy?

Check the stores below based on your location for the availability of the products.