Getting involved with an existing Community

There are over 400 local communities worldwide that are collaboratively working on the realization of the open network. Find out what community is closest to your area here.

What is a local community?

Local communities take up the role to build the network in specific defined areas. For the realization of the network different stakeholders need to be involved to collect sufficient resources, including:

  • Budget for purchasing the LoRaWAN gateways
  • Technical skills for configuring the gateways and connecting devices
  • Proper locations for placing the gateways
  • Organizational skills for building a thriving network of people

Communities are particularly suitable for transferring (technical) knowledge, enhancing creativity and discovering business opportunities. By bringing together people with different skills, backgrounds and expertise, beautiful things will happen.

The core principles of The Things Network community are:

  • Endorsing the principles mentioned in the Manifest of The Things Network
  • Open for anyone
  • People are the foundation of the community, not gateways
  • Regular social contact is the driving force of the community‚Äôs development
  • Diversity is crucial

Community diversity is crucial

Starting a new Community

If there's no community in your area yet, you can start initiate one yourself via this form. The community manager Rish or Laurens will connect to you for a chat after you submit the form.

With a small group of people it is possible to provide an entire city (or an area) with data connectivity for things to connect to the internet. In less than 6 weeks, the city-wide network in Amsterdam was crowdsourced and implemented, you can do the same in your area.

What is the role an initiator

For a community to emerge, a community initiator is required. The Things Network supports the initiator with the first steps of building a community by creating a campaign page (see the page of The Things Network Amsterdam as an example). The page acts as a platform to communicate all relevant information about the members, activities and the current state of the network in the given area.

Community initiators can always count on our full support and can carry the title Initiator. In return we ask initiators to respect the manifest, keep the community page up-to-date, make sure local meetings are organized and be approachable for people to connect to. NOTE: As an initiator you don't necessarily have to be a technological expert, you only have to make sure that there are experts in the community.

Official community Once your community becomes official, community initiators are allowed to carry the name Initiator forever, no-one will ever take this away from you.


Communication is the most important thing in a community. Existing communities use Facebook, forums, mailing lists. Probably the easiest way is to Request an Invite to join the official The Things Network Community Slack and create dedicated channels (chat rooms) for your community.

Getting Together

The most amazing things happen when you come together with your community. Start a new Meetup Group or Part-up, visit meetups of other communities and learn from each other.