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During the Registraton of a Device or Gateway you set or get keys. Activation is the process of using the keys to connect/identify with The Things Network.

ABP : t.b.d.

OTAA : Over The Air Activation





The bridge between a Node / Device and The Things Network. Talks to Nodes via LoRa and connects to The Things Network via an internet connection, either via WiFi or Ethernet.


LoRa is a spread spectrum radio technology featuring long range and low power broadcast communication. LoRa specifies how bytes are transmitted into the air, but does not specify the meaning of those bytes.


Is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification that specifies a network (MAC) protocol on top of LoRa. LoRaWAN gives actual meaning to the bytes transmitted over LoRa: addresses, port numbers, frame counters, data and security checks. LoRaWAN also specifies the encryption of messages.

Node / Device

Connects to an Application on the internet via a Gateway that forwards messages to The Things Network.


You register devices and gateways with The Things Network so that we can identify them during Activation and when they transmit data.