2 device can't connect to LoRa WAN v3

i am new to this topic i have to ttgo T-Beam v1.1
i followed this tutorial LoRaWAN TTGO GPS Tracker
and also the german Videos!
and with a second device
followed this information GitHub - bitconnector/ttn_mapper_t-beam
both code are uploaded with no error but no livedata in the console!
i have also a Gateway https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/gateways/thethingsindoor/
which is online and get receive uplinke message over 200.
is there a way to missconfigure the gateway the device will not reach it it’s just 3m away

have a nice day

3m is a little bit to close. Increase the distance, the signal of the TTGO t-beam might be to strong.

And if this doesn’t work, try the firmware of kizniche and use OTAA. My t-beams 1.0 work very well with this software and TTNMAPPER.

i went biking around town and closer to another GW no success ;-(

Check the gateway traffic view in the TTN console for either join requests from your nodes (if OTAA) or if they are ABP plain traffic from the hardcoded device addresses of your nodes.

@wolfp just deleted the old device and reregister it to use otaa, just to be sure but which LoRaWAN Version should be used?

I use MAC V1.0.2 and PHY V1.0.2 Rev. B. SF9 for RX2.

This is the firmware I use: GitHub - kizniche/ttgo-tbeam-ttn-tracker: TTGO T-Beam Tracker for TTN Mapper and TTN Tracker using US (915 MHz) and EU (868 MHz) frequencies

hello Wolfgang , danke!
This will take longer, there are some missing library which give error when installing.
and the upload say also missing files

/home/pi/Arduino/ttgo-tbeam-ttn-tracker-master/main/screen.ino:24:25: fatal error: SSD1306Wire.h: No such file or directory