3D Printing

(Jac Kersing) #61

I happened to receive a message from resin earlier today with subject Multicontainer on resin.io is here!

(Jac Kersing) #62

I am surprised at your print speed. My average print takes well over an hour…

(Ryan Walmsley) #63

Just finished printing out a mounting bracket for my antenna to my mast.

Antenna slots in one side and screws in with a screw replacing the metal it came with. The other side slides over and then clamps together with a M8 bolt and Nut (recommended to be a nylock nut) to hold onto the mast pole (1" Diameter).

Designed for the popular “vinnant col868” on ebay here, and most 1" Diameter poles such as this one from screwfix or cpc (UK)

Printed at around 20% infill, 0.2mm layers, around 4 Hours print time. Seems really solid and more robust than my previous method of attaching the antenna to the pole. Designed using tinkercad

I might have the files up on thingiverse soon.

(Amedee) #64

I eventually copied it on Thingiverse :blush:

Still need to do the other ones…

(Amedee) #65

I have no more excuse then!
This was a long awaited feature…

(Duineuk) #66

In simple terms… that means you can run multiple docker containers on one host, right?

So I could (eg) run ttngw and also prometheus data collector?

(Duineuk) #67

Well, I’m running in very draft mode… if you iterate like me you want to save filament :wink: 0.32mm layer height and 60mm/s.

For “fine” work like this I’ll use 0.16 or 0.12, and probably drop speed to 50mm/s. I’ve enabled linear advance, which gives you a little leeway on speed; plus it’s a pretty basic model, so there aren’t a lot of fiddly bits to worry about.

(Jac Kersing) #68

You probably want to run the packet forwarder and prometheus data collector in one container to allow the collector to get forwarder data. The graphs on http://workshop.tbdev.nl:3001/ are based on this.

(Amedee) #69

It was already possible (in some way), but there was only one container managed by resin.io.
I need to see what they are offering now, but indeed, the idea is to have multiples managed containers, keeping the images smaller and make maintenance easier.
My set of monitoring scripts was one of the things I wanted separate.

(Duineuk) #70

I’ve been looking for a basestation antenna. Looks good - ordered one :slight_smile:

(Duineuk) #71

It’s not so much the productivity really. First of all, I got a containerised image that worked out the box with my GPS module. I’d done my time building an image the old-fashioned way, and was struggling to get the GPS working. So I don’t feel like it was “cheating”.

Second, as soon as @kersing or someone else produces a new version with new features, I can literally just push it down to my dev unit and test it.

Third, because it’s browser based, I can access logs and a terminal from anywhere. If I want to change environment variables, reboot, whatever, I can do it from… ooooh, say work, if it’s a slow day :wink:

And as I said before, I like learning new tools :slight_smile:

(Amedee) #72

I agree – I was kidding about productivity :wink:

(Duineuk) #73

Making good progress with the case.

I’ve moved the fan and other connectors to the rear plate. Added a power switch. Haven’t yet done the power socket as it hasn’t arrived. Fan needs guards too, next time I’m editing it. I cound’t find a nice 5V 30mm fan but remarkably the 12V one I’m using for now does spin up:

I’ve added an indicator panel to the front; from left to right they are power, the 5 GPIO indicators from the iC880a (same mapping as the SMD LEDs), plus TXD from the GPS module:

(Yes, I do have inline resistors with the LEDs :wink: )

These are closer to final print quality, but still need tidying up. Although the tolerances and fit are pretty damn good:

Just printing a top case now which has mounts for the Neo6 module and ceramic antenna. Will post some more when finished.


nice touch… the logo’s on the enclosure !

(Duineuk) #75

First print with them… TTN one is too detailed at that resolution, I’m going to drop it and make the LoRaWAN one bigger. Also have a nice antenna logo on the case top which is printing now :slight_smile:

(Jezd) #76

Resin have indeed made a major update to support multi-containers, lots of changes on the backend to enable this too

(Duineuk) #77

It’s alive! :slight_smile:



weatherstation download
link from @leo_korbee

another one i’ve found


(Gry Kyo) #80

I love the smell of Napalm hot PLA in the morning… It smells like, victory!