A custom LoRa end node & Monitor System

I have been designing a series of boards for a remote LoRa end node, a monitoring system,
and integrating the end node to the TTN. The system is designed to be as flexible
as possible and connect to a variety of sensors/sensor modules.

The LoRa node uses the Arduino LMIC library and other libraries for sensors.

Software development is done with the Arduino IDE and stm32duino/Arduino_Core_STM32.

A RPi4 with a RAK2245 module is the gateway to the The Things Network.

  • LoRa End Node
    STM32L15X CPU with RFM95 LoRa Module (915Mhz).

  • Sensor I/O Interface
    3 - 12 posistion screw terminals to I2C, UART, ADC/DAC, GPIO.
    24LC32 EEPROM for configuration information, EUI, etc.

  • MPPT Solar Charger
    12V Solar panel to 2S LiPO battery.

  • Enclosure and Monitor

Integration of TTN and Ubidots