Accelerometer downlink activation

Hello all,

I can’t seem to access accelerometer data on the Generic Node.

Anytime I try send the downlink message on Fport 03 as per the page it doesn;t work.

I’ve tried pressing the button and then pressing sending the downlink (as per instructions:

"…please remember that LoRaWAN class A devices can only receive a downlink when they transmit and uplink.)

I also sometimes see the error
no decoder defined for codec {codec_id}.

I am struggling to find the downlink payload formatter on the doc to include the accelerometer. Also same issue occurs for testing the buzzer/LED.

Thanks in advance again,

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I believe you have slightly older firmware version, which at the time accelerometer events was not incorporated. If you can, please try the freefall_lorawan app from our repo, otherwise DM me and I’ll send you the updated firmware binary.

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