Add device 'last seen' on application overview page


Currently on the v3 console, when opening the overview on a application there is a list of devices with some of their details (id, name, devEUI, joinEUI, created).

Could the ‘last seen’ of a device also be shown on this page, or maybe even better, could we get a list of fields so the user can choose by itself what is shown here?

Many thanks!



The list views in the Console indeed only show a limited set of fields. The reason for this is that The Things Stack has different databases for “cold data” (the metadata you see in the overview) and “hot data” (the state of the devices, that is used for routing). Each of these databases is optimized for its purpose, so the “cold database” is optimized for listing a lot of devices, while the “hot database” is optimized for quickly reading and writing a single device.

While it wouldn’t be too difficult to add a “last seen” to the device list, it would currently be impossible to sort devices by that “last seen” field. So instead of building a half-finished feature, we’d rather wait until we come up with an actually good solution for making this possible.

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A “last seen” value in this table would be really great, this came already up in our community in Munich too.
We would be happy if this could be implemented - even without the sorting Feature, which I personally don’t consider that important.

Hi Hylke,

We would be really happy with an unsorted list. For us the amount of devices would be below 20 (per application), so it would be quickly visible which devices behave (or not anymore).

I agree that a dynamic/realtime sortable list would be the ultimate here :slight_smile:

Leaving it up to you for now for implementation (or not)…

I’m moving some of my utilities over from V2, if you put a WebHook in (you can have as many as you like on an application), it would be easy enough to have a page that picks up the data and presents it as required. Or a desktop app via MQTT.

If this is of interest, I can factor this in to my plans.

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Do you mean that such feature has already been planned?

I opened Show last seen in end device list · Issue #3832 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub for tracking this.