Adding a Multitech mlinux Gateway to v3

I’m reading up on how to pragmatically (via Ansible) add Multitech mLinux gateways (running kersing’s packet fowarder). Reading adding-gateways and multitechconduit-mlinux and the output of ttn-lw-cli gateway create -h I have questions…

  1. What is –name parameter?

  2. Is it possible to use –user-id or –organization?

  3. Can multiple values be specified?

  4. If I don’t specify either, will the current user be the owner?

  5. There is mention of a Gateway Configuration Server on multitechconduit-mlinux on this page, but the link just points back to this page. Where can I get global_conf.json?

  6. If I register a gateway with TTNv3 but don’t delete it from TTNv2 will it cause problems? (I’d eventually delete it, but may need to move it back if there are issues)

I’m sure I’ll have more questions…



Trying to specify both a –user-id and “–organization-id” results in “WARN Don’t set organization ID and user ID at the same time, assuming user ID”.

The –user-id must be specified. How do I get ttn-lw-cli to tell the current user?