Always Getaway stay "Not connected"

Hello there,

I have created single channel gateway with the Raspberry pi having chipset SX1278.
I’ve successfully registered my gateway on ttn network.
when i run the application then Rpi logs show the communication with the gateway
As per the logs I may assume that the, UDP packet delivery on TTN network but my gateway is always stay offline

However I’ve also created one application with RN2483 node, I’m getting packets from the nodes but still gateway status appear as "Not connected"


I’ve attached logs of the Gateway and registration . I am from india and i am using fro the TTN server

Can any one help me here

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hello guys
I’m exacting support from this community
Does,any one has faced the same issue before???

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thanks for your reply
very very soon I’ll order multi channel gateways and then I’ll be here
can you please suggest me any good multi channel gateway, i need to implement it with raspberry pi
Gateway should handle multiple request with different coding rate and channel frequencies

for support on the single channel gateway I suggest this topic :

a good companion for your RPI to create a multichannel gateway… see :

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