Announcing The Official Things Network On Tour Conference - Norwich, UK

I’m very pleased to say that this year’s UK gathering is going to be held in Norwich on Oct 14-16th.

Full details and tickets are available at

The event is being organised by Emily Crittenden, who has loads of conference experience and has been instrumental in growing The Things Network across Norfolk and the east.

Speakers and workshops are being confirmed - and you can have a say.

You can help in at least 3 ways:

  1. Tell us below what speakers you would like to hear at the conference
  2. Tell us below what workshops you would like to attend or run
  3. Tell all your friends on social media and real life!!

I’d love to attend but suspect I might be in Russia at the time.

Hello all,

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who attended the official things network on tour conference this week. There was plenty of weather hindering travel and I know it took many hours for some of you to reach Norwich. Thank you for your perseverance!

We had a great event. Lots of great stories, lots of time to sync and meetup and lots of good food.

We had excellent speakers and workshop hosts from across the UK and Europe - thank you all!

Thank you to all of our sponsors: Norfolk County Council, updata, Digital Catapult, Concept 13, Arrow, ST, bsi, Multitech, Pycom, Pi Supply, Coderus, Ideetron, Eagle Labs and Tech Velocity,

A really big thank you to Emily who organized EVERYTHING. The venue, the sponsors, the speakers, and the catering and everything else a good conference needs. Thank you Emily for all your hard work and excellent planning.

And thank you to the TTN Norfolk members who all stepped up to make the conference happen in registration, setup and pack up. Hard graft but it made things work very well.

I look forward to our next national gathering :smiley:

All the best


As another paul involved in the Norwich conference I’d also like to say thankyou to anyone and everyone that attended.

It was an amazing few days.

Hope to see you all again at somepoint.

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