Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules?


Got that, however it does not have the Lora related definitions.


Mouser in the UK have stock of the dev board. However the little sods have increased the price from £52 to £71 in a week. But they do have stock and they've put a lot of thought into the board and the documentation. Rather than just stick the module on a board and that's it. Got one delivered yesterday. Time to play. Tiling the bathroom can wait.



yes Stuart, I'm very impressed to .. fun to play with, haven't got to the LoRa specific instructions yet, but he.. so many new things to discover and learn. :sunglasses:



trying to delete a file from the flash file system with AT+DEL "xxxx"
It didn't work, finally I used AT&F * , what went wrong here ?

(Jose Marcelino) #109

I really don't know why at+del didn't work in there.

I usually keep my filenames without spaces because then I can run them by just typing the name, however I've just tried your example and in my case at+del had no issues with it.

That said because at+del doesn't really free anything - it's rather pointless other than for cosmetic reasons :smile: - I tend to go for the:
at&f 1

which is just a bit more precise than nuking everything with at&f *


The disadvantage of having to use at&f 1 to clear the flash is it zaps the LoRa keys as well. Suggestion for Laird (@BWhitten): store the keys somewhere else. I love not having to include them in the software but having to reload them every time flash is cleared after updating the software will be a pain once deployed.
I was hoping to be able to update the code running on the device using bluetooth but the lora keys being zapped every few updates kills that option.

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How are you planning to program the module over Bluetooth?

Is it using the Virtual Serial Port (VSP) service mentioned on the manual (page 247)? If so I think you could send the keys as well as it's essentially a virtual terminal so should accept the relevant AT commands.

I haven't tried this due to the difficulty in finding a VSP implementation where the Laird device is actually a BLE central (all the apps expect the BL600, a peripheral). The manual mentions an iOS app "RM1xx Serial" and a Windows application for BLE enabled PCs but I don't think they're available yet.


I am hoping the mechanism works like it does for the BT900 and BL600 as outlined in this application note.
Being able to set the LoRa keys that way would be nice, however I do not particularly want to have to set the keys after each software update.


I2C busscanner for RM186


true, an external mem maybe ?

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That's fancy :smile: I was just probing by trying a read from reg 0x0:

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I thought about using an external memory to store the LoRaWAN configuration, and the ultra-cheap ($0.50) DS3231 RTC module I'm using conveniently also has an Atmel I2C EEPROM but unfortunately those configurations need to be set from interactive (ie AT) mode.

I don't see a way to tell the RM186 to read the settings from an external EEPROM and set the keys from that.


The setup on the picture with the mem module, I used to test the I2C scanner.
But off course I will try to write a 'shadow' register to it.
And after a coldstart this shadowregister is red and written to the RM186.. in theory
I don't see why it can't be done.. the only trick is to sync your RTC, which can be done
with your system clock when connected.

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Sure but the problem is the only way to set the keys on the RM186 seems to be via interactive mode, ie:

at+cfgex 1000 "Your App EUI"
at+cfgex 1002 "Your App Key"

So how can you read the register from the external mem via I2C - which needs to be done inside smartBASIC - and then change to interactive mode to set the keys - but still be under the control of your script?

Unless of course you hook up an external micro and issue those commands via the UART, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the RM186..

That said I hope I'm completely in the wrong here and there is way :smile:


yes you're right :confused: ( smartBASIC Extensions v1.0 page 260 )


Hi @BWhitten !
My dream can be a reality ?
For when a RM1xx module with the nrf52 nordic chip ?


@jmarcelino @BoRRoZ: Have a look at LORAMACSetOption with the define LORAMAC_OPT_APP_EUI and LORAMAC_OPT_APP_KEY you should be able to set both (you cant read back the APP_KEY for security)
These settings may need a reboot to take effect.
Please let me know how you get on.

(Jose Marcelino) #122

Yes, it worked! Thanks so much for the tip.

Can set EUI and KEY from smartBASIC with just:

result = LORAMACSetOption(LORAMAC_OPT_APP_EUI, eui$)
result = LORAMACSetOption(LORAMAC_OPT_APP_KEY, key$)

Didn't even need a reboot in my case. It was able to join and send to TTN right away. but maybe a restart is safer.

A world of possibilities now :smile: cc @BoRRoZ


thank you for bringing this good news.

as @jmarcelino says.. this opens many more possibilities.

ready for gps test


Mouser had some stock, but they don't dispach my order, WTF, I called them yesterday they told me they have module and it will dispatched by the end of the day, but nothing done !!!!

How are your mouser orders here ?