Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules?


@BoRRoZ: You can tie them to GND with no problems, we typically advise to have them connected because of the volume of projects that want a cable replacement. :smile:
As an aside, if you need more GPIOs you can re-open the UART in smartBASIC without flow control then re-purpose those control lines.


Will we still be able to program the module without handshake signals?

Somethings else, is there a notepad++ syntax definition available for this device like there is for the Bluetooth modules? (One including the Lora specific keywords)


Loading new smartBASIC scripts should be fine, I just did it with my board by disconnecting the jumpers at J3 and J5 and it worked.

Firmware upgrade is another matter, the bootloader and the upgrade tool will use flow control, these can be tied and I just checked that works but I don't think I would recommend that to production. Use at your own risk :smile:

Yeh that file will be available in future releases.



I'm trying to find out how i2C and SPI in combination with smartBasic works.
snippets from the GPS example code :

//Open I2C connection
rc=I2cOpen(100000, 0, I2CHndl)
IF rc!= 0 THEN
PRINT "\nFailed to open I2C interface with error code "; INTEGER.H' rc
PRINT "\nI2C open success\n"

dim rc //Result code
dim I2CHndl //I2C Handle
dim nSlaveAddr //I2C address for the slave device
dim nRegAddr //Temporary variable for I2C register address
dim nRegVal //Temporary variable for I2C register value

rc=I2cOpen(100000, 0, I2CHndl)

but in the smartBasic extensions documentation I can't find anything:

so how can we connect an I2C device ? do you have to adapt the firmware..

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@BoRRoZ @BWhitten

The RM1XX smartBASIC Extensions manual is not enough to understand the platform, refer also to the smartBASIC Core user guide which explains many of the common things across the RMXXX and BLXXX modules, including I2C:

Probably an oversight that this manual isn't linked from RM186 page, but it is linked from the Bluetooth modules (e.g. BL600,620..).


thank you !

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Mouser sent an update on RM186 module availability, my shipping date changed to Aug 26.



hummm, ATSHA204 ? :wink:


same for me August 26th ;-(


I am trying to let the rm186 talk to a RTC via I2C bus.

For the Arduino and the ESP you have that handy tool 'I2C scanner, so you can see what adresses are in use by the bus (and if your device is 'seen')
I couldn't find it for the rm186 so I am trying to make it... my first ever smartBASIC program :wink:


Sure I2C scanner is a must :wink:

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Cool what RTC is that? I was actually working on some code for the DS3231

The more the merrier! :smile:


tnx, its a (pincompatible) 1337 :sunglasses:


i can't find RM186. Only RM1 for 915 MHz. May be you know link to shop for RM186 ?



Thanks ! Buy
May be you know seller for LL-RXR-27-868
I want make Network scanner but for 868 (not for 915)




User Guide
version 2.1-r0

I was searching for endsub and exitsub .. the page referred to in the index(180) do not excist (yet).
but I found the info in the same manual on page 176

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Yeah the manual is full of little issues. I mean there's even a typo on the cover:

Core Funtionality

Little bit of trial and error and digging through the manuals/samples is involved for sure


this seems to work :

if you are registerd @ LAIRD you can download this zip file.
inside you'll find the file smartBASIC(notepad++).xml

import in notepad++

and ..