Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules?


@kersing :yum:



The cloud compiler works, but i want to compile locally, and it seems that I'm missing XComp_RM186_D986_5A4F.exe in the folder compilers/
And I can't register online, I assumed I'll have to do that before getting this compiler.





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You can just type ioexpander (or any application filename) in interactive mode to run the application you loaded, no need for at+run... (unless your application filename contains spaces)


yes tnx, I cannot find XComp_RM186_D986_5A4F.exe .. that file is the local compiler.

  • you have to register to download

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Yes you need to be logged in to get the full SDK package.

Have you tried to register at

I just tried for a friend, filled in the registration form and got it straight away


I'll tried it 4 times.. on that page.
filled in everything correct, but it seems to 'hang' on the reCAPTCHA.

UPDATE : to register I had to switch off Ghostery :laughing: I completely forgot


When form asks technology interested too, there is no mention on LORA anywhere!

I'm still waiting the email with my username/password for 30 minutes now


that's why I marked ..uh.. something else :sunglasses:
well that seemed to help

OK I found the compiler file .. and I can compile locally too now


because the RM186 have only one UART, you need this little converter to connect a NEO-6 GPS module to I2C direct.

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I remember getting fed up with having to decide between having no syntax highlighting or being forced to use Notepad++ so I shared a smartBASIC language module for BBEdit users which I've just updated to support the new LoRa keywords.

I'm still working on that blog post, hope to share it soon.


I'm using Sublime Text to figure out why in the world you would put an LM20 analog tempsensor on a devboard :wink:


Sublime Text is a must have :smile:


trying to connect a nextion 4.3 HMI :sunglasses:

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My RM186 kit is collating humidity/temperature data from several (currently 5) of these tiny coin-sized solar powered Bluetooth LE beacons for uploading to TTN.

Sensor data arrives inside Bluetooth LE advertising packets, very much like how iBeacons work.

The CR2032 battery is for scale only, these Cypress energy harvesting beacons contain no battery, they're purely solar powered but still work indoors, for example near a lamp or window.

More details and code soon.


PUCK.JS looks also very promising.
Just missed the kickstarter deadline ..

(can measure rotation (e.g. using the Puck as a control knob), light, temperature, magnetic fields (e.g. magnets used on doors to detect opening and closing or water level via a magnet on a float), can control Infrared devices, and produce any color light.)

What about the forthcoming Bluetooth v5.0 and Laird RM186 ? if you're using the module as a router/bridge for lorawan networks indoors, distance will be important.

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The TI Sensortag already for sale ($29) does all out of the box except sending IR (but you can solder an IR led)

...and it's already supported by the example on the RM186!


ruggedized connector dev kit :wink:


Is UART Flow Control (RTS/CTS) Necessary ?

it can be disabled ... but