Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules?

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Anyone tried this module?
LoRaWAN certified + Bluetooth + ufl connector + you can program its MCU directly (with a weird BASIC dialect, but whatever) = $20

Sounds good

Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules ? part 2
[Who is interested?] BLE + Wifi + LoRa = Smart proximity sensor
LoRaWAN stack for nRF5x and SX1276

WOW ! the RN2483 of the future :smile:


The RM186 is a wireless communications module that combines a Nordic nRF51822_QFAC (256/16) BLE device and a Semtech SX1272 860 to 1020 MHz low power, long range transceiver.
The RM186 is designed to function in the EU 863-870 MHz ISM band as opposed to the RM191 which is a very similar device designed for the US 902-928 MHz ISM band.

The RM186 can collect data from external sources by interfacing directly with a sensor over a UART, SPI or, I2C serial communication channel or over a wireless BLE connection if a sensor is physically connected to a BLE peripheral device.
Data can also be gathered internally using the analog or digital IO pins.
Once the data has been collected and arranged in packets, it can then be transmitted to a remote LoRaWAN Gateway up to 16 kilometers away.
From there it can be transmitted to a server or database over a TCP/IP link.

Connecting to Kerlink
Connecting to Semtech Website
Connecting to Multitech Conduit


No stock anywhere for the next 16 weeks it seems... :anguished:


then we have some time to study that funny language :sunglasses:
my first impression is that this is the ideal 'domestic' companion for the TTN gateway .. BLE inside!

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It says 16 weeks lead time, but at the same time, there's this estimated dispatch date in 2 weeks:



that's a whole node :heart_eyes:

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btw, I went ahead and ordered some from mouser and the estimated due date says 29th July, so no clue what's the deal with those 16 weeks mentioned as factory lead time.


Same here, we will see what happens at the end of the month... :wink:


me too, can't wait for the dev kit to arrive .. and you can use arduino shields, very nice

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@BoRRoZ: do you think the devkit is really required? or can you program those without it?


you can do without, but you need a usb/seral adapter, a power supply, some sensors and buttons, very good eyes and a steady hand to solder the stampsize unit on a.. yes, on what ? (hi Charles :innocent: - hi Dan)
so I am lazy .. and I have some 'old' arduino shields laying around.

another thing I noticed is, that in the hardware integration guide they mention (warned) that you cannot have copper around the ufl connector.

so that's maybe also difficult to achieve without designing a dedicated expiriments pcb breadboard converter

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It was all good until you said steady hand :stuck_out_tongue:
Pitch size is 1.524mm, right? So, a tiny little bit bigger than the RN2483.


yes thats true :sunglasses:


who is designing a breakout board, please?


Ok guys, I listened @BoRRoZ suggestions and here it is the 1st revision, all open source of course


Bottom PCB

Full repo with link to order PCBs directly on my github
Take care it's untested but should works.




Interesting, so far I was under the impression that the RN2483 was not programmable because of the certification. Apparently there are ways..


This has nothing to do with RN2483 which is from MICROCHIP.
The RM186 is produced by LAIRD and have BlueTooth onboard but you can't 'freely' program this module.

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@Charles this is absolutely amazing!


I know, but the fact that this thing is programmable and still certified puts that in a different perspective, doesn't it?