Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules?


they use a 'safe' interface between the LoRa stack so the user can't change settings in a way that isn't allowed (I think) .... :sunglasses:

Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules ? part 2

W H O W - thanks!
do you put it on OSHpark or tindie?


you can order PCB boards directly to here they give me back some fees on my boards design ordered by interested users on their site.
I love OSHPark, but they don't have this kind of business model (I already asked them) and a lot of people ordered boards I designed at OSHPark without any return on me.

But don'y worry you can still order to OSHPark, just download the board file and submit it to OSHPark.


@Charles hi Charles
I've no problem ordering at to give you something back for your great work!


thanks, it's better if you wait until tomorrow, I need to change a mounting hole in design ;-(


@Charles I'll be patient until you gave the signal :wink: We have also to wait for the RM-module.
Are 1206 components to big for your layout???


Ok guys, version 1.0a is out no more copper on mounting holes, and also added via for ground plane under RM1xx module

I updated all links and pictures in this post and on github of course also

yeah 1206 will be difficult and more than this, I'm storing already 0603 and 0805 basic so I've got some duplicate components and having now in 1206 will need me another version which makes me 3 versions for each comps (but I already thought about this)

But 0805 are not so difficult to solder :wink:



Does anyone know how much code space there is on the RM186? For the life of me I cannot see this information on their website. Apologies if it's right there....been a long week.


you can program this module with a language they call 'smartBASIC'



smartBasic :open_mouth:

This is a strange choice as today we have such LUA or small pyhton open source engine but I think we could deal with it :wink:

Prepare to have fun converting sensors libraries to SmartBasic !!!


As 29th July shipping date is "pending" :triumph:


I contacted Mouser earlier today. They will get back to me with an update on this parts shipping asap.

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I already have the developer kit and actually working on a blog post. It's a good piece of kit. No problem connecting to Things Network (used OTAA) though I can't use the "lora check" function and message ACKs don't return RSSI/SNR as reported probably because of the know differences in how ACK is working in TTN.

Everything else seems to work fine so far.
I already used smartBASIC in the past for their BLE modules so that wasn't an issue. Even if you're new to it the included terminal/compiler package is easy to use and works on macOS, windows, and linux

If you have any questions let me know and I'll try to address them here or on the post.
I haven't connected sensors directly to it as I'm focusing on the BLE to LoRa side. By the way keep in mind the BLE stack provided is Central side only, so it'll only talk to peripherals.

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Hi.....can you quantify how much code space is available.. We would need to add some code in order to calibrate our sensors and don't want to run out of space.


I don't have any Laird module in hands. I have no idea of space left after programming, and I didn't found any information on module Flash size and RAM size. Would be interesting to know.


that's a question for jmarcelino :wink:

@ Charles, yes your WeMos Gateways looks pretty !

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Hi Stuart,

There's 30KB (30720 bytes) available for code.

For example the temperature sensor example code provided by Laird below takes up 394 bytes of that once compiled and loaded

(purely reading sensor, example doesn't connect to LoRa or BLE)


Ouch !!!! That's taken a bit of the shine off the latest wonder chip. I was going to get worried if it was less than 64k but 30k is a shocker.