Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules?


I think that depends on the quality of the compiler :wink:

(and the optimised sensor librarys they make available :innocent: )


Sure....but with the bandwidth being sooooo low we need to be very smart in the way in which we make use of it..especially since our site survey seem to suggest that 980bps will be the best we can get out of our link. Oh well, it's a challenge - would be boring if you'd said 1MB !




Hi from Laird :smile:
If you have any questions or comments I'll be sure to help out if I can.


Hi and thank you !

( Laird devkits with a nice 'TTN club' discount :wink: , that's a win / win )


Oupssss 30k ? depends on what are already in in term of lib and what we need to code :wink:
And what about RAM ?

But Laird guys have plenty of fun :smile: look below on github

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Hi @BWhitten!
While discounts as BoRRoZ suggested would be awesome, I think it would help the TTN community tremendously if you'd publish sample code that already works with TTN out-of-the-box (minus replacing the keys).

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isn't 30k plenty of space considering the lorawan stack is already implemented? so it's 30k only for application code if I understand it correctly


Depends on what you are up to.....I'm guessing that some people will be performing some significant signal processing/conditioning of signals at regular intervals and then pushing a go/no-go up to their servers.

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The sample "command line" code already connects to TTN with no changes.

Just get the configured DevEUI (if you don't want to set your own) with
AT I 25

Then set the AppEUI and AppKey with:
at+cfgex 1000 "Your_App_EUI"
at+cfgex 1002 "Your_App_Key"

Finally load the example script they provide below and run as cmd
Once running you can join TTN with OTAA by typing
lora join


>lora join

>Attempting to join the LoRa network
Successfully joined the LoRa network
>lora send "Hello World" 1 1

>LoRa TX Complete Event
LoRa RX Complete Event


I am considering the DVK-RM191.
Currently I am working with the Microchip RN2903 Boards.
I have been waiting for the TTN LoRa Gateway for many months and at least with the RN2903 I can do some testing at the PHY level by using the "MAC Pause" command and thereby have a send device and receive device for range testing.
I haven't seen the ability to do this in the RM191 in the docs I have looked at. Is it possible?
Concerning the BLE capability, I am considering using Eddystone BLE beacons - probably BL600 and other manufacturers.
The RM191 would aggregate these ... Any idea about a typical population of beacons that could be supported by a single RM191?

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@BWhitten: do you have any info about the delays mouser has to ship the orders of your modules? Is it delayed on Laird's side or is it mouser?


@gonzalocasas: I'm afraid I don't have any of that information, I'm in engineering so I can't comment on pricing and shipping.
The best place to ask is probably the support portal.

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thanks! I just sent a message there.


@BWhitten : any idea where we can find RM1xx-defs.h?
The sample requires this header file but it's not part of the repository :confused:

I tried to register here to download the SDK but the form keeps insisting that a "field is required" while everything is filled in.



@dirkvm: This header file should be in the firmware release package for the module.
If you can try another browser or device. Failing that drop them a line on the support portal, the website can be a little temperamental. :wink:


Thanks @BWhitten Tried both Firefox and Chrome without success, dropped them a note yesterday and today :wink:


Rename to .h
RM1xx-defs.h.pdf (3.7 KB)

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About mouser's shipping delay, I got a reply from Laird tech support just now that indicates they shipped everything to mouser (and others) already, so it shouldn't take much longer. Rick Tretow replied:

We have shipped RM186 modules to Digikey, Mouser, and Arrow in the period between now and mid-July. A site check shows:

Digikey – RM186-SM-01-ND – Qty avail 100 with 10 DVK’s available for immediate ship
Mouser – 814 RM186-SM-01 – Qty on order 64 with 6 DVK’s available for immediate ship
Arrow – both back-ordered.

We believe Arrow’s order was for this past week so we would expect them to have stock very soon.

We have additional units in our stock for them to replenish their stock.