API Access to Gateway Statistics?

(Tyr) #1

I would like to setup a little Arduino controlled display to show off how many messages my gateway has sent as a feel good pat myself on the back. I don’t see anywhere in the API that gives these metrics. Am I missing something or is this something I could request?

(Tim Everitt) #2

Hi @tyr, if you have set your gateway privacy settings to be public then you can access this information via a simple http get with no keys/etc. The following URL gets the stats for one of my gateways.


You can run this in a web browser to test, just substitute your gateway id for “srlwbs-01-0001” above. I generally use curl from a script to do the http get and then parse the returned JSON.

(Arjan) #3

The NOC will not be supported in V3 anymore, but improvements are due. See Hylke’s response in Can we still get statistics from all gateways and nodes?

(Tyr) #4

oh my gosh! thank you thank you thank you!

(Tyr) #5

I’ll just be a seven segment FeatherWing so no love lost if I can’t figure out v3 :slight_smile: