AppKey vs App Access Key

Can someone confirm the difference between a TTN AppKey (Used to generate session keys) and a TTN App Access Key (Used for MQTT authentication)?

I am wondering if they are actually the same thing but just displayed differently in HEX or Base64.



You are correct.

The AppKey is specified by LoRaWAN and is used for activating LoRaWAN devices. The naming is a bit unfortunate, and I hope that we can change this in the future. For more info about LoRaWAN security, see this wiki page.

The Access Key has nothing to do with LoRaWAN, but is a “password” that you can use to authenticate with your application in TTN.

Thanks for the clarification!


So where is the App access key hidden pls? eui)/getting-data idiot! OK I know now! 3 seconds after the posting.