Arduino documentation with a lot of info to get started with TTN


About 2 years ago, I got started playing around with Arduino. To document my experiences, I created a Word document, describing sensors, actuators, datasheets, pinouts, sample sketches etc. This resulted in a document of 580 pages. I share this document Last month I added three extra sections about TTN and

  • Working with TTN Production, creating applications and devices throught ttnctl, single channel gateway.
  • Building nodes with RFM95W, HopeRF adapter, Dragino shield and RN2484
  • Data handling and decoding with ttn console, ttnctl, mqtt and node-red.

Feel free to use this document for working with Arduino and/or TTN.

You can download this PDF file through the following link:

Version 1.16.2
If you dont’t trust this link, use the following URL:

(Jr01) #2

Wow, thank you, new to TTN and LoRa, struggling to get my head around it. I am sure this will help! For last year have been playing with ESP8266, Node-Red and MQTT. My experiences in blog

But ready to spread my wings to get an understanding of Lopy. Thanks again!


Very impressive, thanks for sharing!


wow, very VERY impressive… it’s a book ! well done :relaxed:


Excellent work man! thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing!

(Kent Hansson) #7

Impressive work, thanks for sharing.


Excellent work!
Very valuable!


Very impressive!
I picked a few sections that are of my interest at this moment. I found a few typos. How can I contribute and inform you about them?


Thanks for your reply. I would like to be informed about typos, but I have no idea how you coul easily inform me about them. Do you have suggestions.

I’ll take a look at a way to do this.

With regards,

Erik Verberne


Erik, Until we have a better option, I will use the email address that is in the document header.

(Antonio Azcona) #12

Great Info and thanks for sharing. Really appreciated!


Very nice. Thanks for sharing.